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That's me in Ibiza, being Chief Of Security  ;)
My homepage with frames...

That's me...hi and welcome to my homepage. It is still under heavy construction, but I am currently working on it. The section that's already finished is the linx section. I've posted the best links there and described them a little bit. At the bottom of that page you can find further linx, which consist of my personal link favourites.Also check out my small Ibiza-Page.

Also check these parties out: Parties vom Goatrance Partyserver.
Please check out my new Wing Chun Kuen-Page.

I added a small Lara Croft Gallery. You can either check 'em out there or download them all at once in this .zip file. New is also my german Resident Evil 2 - Lösung. Lot's of fun and all the best, wherever you are..


NEW---NEW---NEW Check out the old stadium of my favourite soccer-club, the Volksparkstadion ( !! 500 K !! ). Take a last look, since it is currently being torn down, and then a new stadium is being build on the site. NEW---NEW---NEW
Hallihallo, the latest addition to my homepage is a real audio "welcome". In order to be able to listen to it, you will need the real player plug-in, which can be found on the following homepage:

By the way, the first try sounded like this...

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Zitat Keyan: Irgendein Scheiss, ich habe Angst vor hartgekochten Eier, und damit will ich ein Auto gewinnen! Wer gibt mit eines .. mail Keyan ... Danke!